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About Pushkin’s Bakery

We are your Sacramento area exclusive wheat/gluten and dairy-free dedicated bakery.

What does a “dedicated bakery” mean?
It means that our customers are guaranteed that their baked goods from us, which are always wheat/gluten and dairy-free, will never come in contact with any of those ingredients while in our facility.

Why is this such a big deal?
Because when we claim wheat/gluten and dairy-free we are making a promise to our customers. We source all our ingredients solely from gluten-free manufacturers and only allow those ingredients into our facility.  Realistically, there is no such thing as “low gluten.” When dealing with parts-per-million (PPM) increments of gluten (which is undetectable to the human eye), it is impossible to guarantee cross contamination prevention when baking in a facility that uses wheat ingredients alongside wheat/gluten-free ingredients.

Pushkin’s Bakery’s Founding

Derived from co-owner Danny Turner’s allergies and sensitivities to wheat, gluten, and dairy, Pushkin’s Bakery and its products are the result of co-owner Olga Turner’s dedication to create wholesome and delicious all-natural baked goods all while excluding wheat, gluten, and dairy. What started as a single chocolate chip cookie for a friend’s birthday party soon turned into three products sold in a single grocery store. From there, Olga and Danny soon found themselves delivering their baked goods to fourteen different grocery stores throughout Northern California. With a passion to continue creating new baked goods and a feeling of absence with their consumers, the Turners decided to open their first retail location. Now in the new facility, items such as Peanut Butter Chocolate S’more Sandwiches and full-size wedding cakes, which we’re never an option for distribution, are daily menu norms.

A Note From The Turners 

We look forward to serving you in our bakery. Consider our dedication and promise to never bake with wheat, gluten, or dairy a token of respect for your personal dietary choices. With that, while we always pride ourselves in baking wheat, gluten, and dairy-free, we’re extremely excited to be breaking the mold of what traditional gluten or dairy-free baking is made up of. So don’t be surprised when you hear us say “it tastes better than normal baked goods.” We think gluten and dairy-free is just as normal as the “normal” foods today :)

Next time you’re in, take the time to introduce yourselves. We would love to hear from you.


husband, wife (and thirdly), co-owners, Danny and Olga Turner