Being Gluten-Free to Lose Weight

The general public’s idea of this growing number of people who are being gluten-free for “diet” reasons (specifically to lose weight) in my opinion is incredibly false. I probably deal with more gluten-free people on a daily basis than anyone else in Sacramento, and I rarely, if ever, hear someone chose to go gluten-free solely to lose weight. Now, weight loss may be a positive side effect to going gluten-free for some, but their reason for going gluten-free is almost always for overall better health, not simply to lose weight. Mainstream media likes to point fun at this false idea of everyone being gluten-free for diet reasons, as if gluten-free is clumped in with the atkins or south beach diet. But for those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle, we know that the relief from the 400+ negative symptoms related to gluten is the true, and perfect reason. Heck, if you wouldn’t mind losing some weight along the way, then more power to you 🙂  -Danny