Branding a Gluten-Free Business


Have you ever noticed it’s not so easily recognizable that we’re a 100% gluten-free bakery? We did this on purpose.

Theres a fine line to this marketing idea. We want people to know we’re gluten-free, but we also don’t want to be known as just a gluten-free bakery. Sound weird? The same goes with other aspects of us. Sometimes we won’t advertise a product is vegan because of the connotation that comes with vegan products. Weird right?

Here’s my point.

Too often, in my opinion, companies that are gluten-free focus exclusively on their gluten-free characteristic and completely overlook everything else! For instance, we’re just as all-natural as we are gluten-free.

I think as more companies start to offer gluten-free options the image and idea of what it means to be a gluten-free business will start to shift in the right direction to where a company can run a legitimate business without having to plaster the phrase “gluten-free” everywhere their name is found.

We’ll never be “Pushkin’s Gluten-Free Bakery.” And maybe in all reality we’re more than the companies that advertise themselves as gluten-free. We’re a bakery first that makes great products that just so happens to be all-natural, wheat/gluten and dairy-free.

One of the best compliments we always hear is, “this smells like a real bakery!” I want to say to them, “well of course it’s a real bakery. Because if it wasn’t, then what are those ovens doing back there, and why am I always covered in flour?”

Though, aside from us, the next gluten-free bakery IS 100 miles away….. đŸ™‚

We love gluten-free, we ARE gluten-free, we live by gluten-free, but that is not WHO we are. We’re bakers first!



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