A Simple Thanks

I don’t think most food-service business owners would admit this, mainly because this topic usually unfolds in the opposite direction. But I just want to thank you, our customers, because it is you guys that allow us to keep learning. Sure, we’re making a profit, but the best part of this entire experience we call

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The Ease of Being Gluten-Free


I deal with hundreds of people every day in the bakery. And most of them are all here for one reason: we have gluten-free items. Most do no realize we’re a dedicated gluten/dairy-free bakery and when explained think the “dedicated” facility part meant a rabbi visited our bakery…But none the less, everyone is always beyond

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Red Robin


Last weekend Olga and I attended a birthday party at Red Robin, the nationwide American food chain. Now of course, unlike our bakery, Red Robin is in no way a dedicated wheat/gluten/dairy-free facility. But, I cannot help but applaud their effort to cater to the gluten and dairy-free community, or even more impressively, a large

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