Thank you for your interest in including Pushkin’s Bakery in your upcoming non-profit charitable event.


Please note that due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, we are only able to approve on average 10% of the submitted donation requests.


Before you submit your donation request, to save both you and us time, please make sure that your donation request does not fall into any of the categories listed below:

  • For profit events
  • Events / groups that do not have a tax ID number
  • Events that are for personal interest
  • Events that are for less than 40 people
  • Events that are in less than 30 days of date when request form is submitted


What we require from you for us to participate / donate

to your upcoming event:

  • Pushkin’s Bakery is the only gluten-free and/or vegan bakery participating
  • Attendees of your event are notified of our bakery’s participation at least 15 days before the event, and again within 1-5 days before your event. Modes of communication include, but are not exclusive to; social media, in store print material, online media (website, newsletter) radio media, and TV media.
  • Our business name Pushkin’s Bakery, in print, is featured in all media related to the event as a donating sponsor.
  • At your event we require signage clearly displaying our products / merchandise / donation. We will provide printed signage.
  • We require that all attendees can clearly and quickly identify which donated products are ours, and not that of a competitor.
  • No individual working the event can represent Pushkin’s Bakery aside from Pushkin’s Bakery employees.


If all requirements mentioned above are not fully met, your organization may be held liable for a bill in the amount of the donated items at full retail-price.

If our attendance is requested, we require either a 4×4 ft space or an 8×8 ft space for our own event tables. If we cannot bring one of our own event tables, we unfortunately will not be able to attend your event.

If we are interested in participating in your event, we will contact you. Please do not follow up to check on the status of your request as we only respond to completed donation request forms that we are interested in, not follow up emails. In the event you do not hear back from us, unfortunately we are either already booked for the given event time of your event or we have decided this particular event is not a right fit for us at this time.

To submit this form for review please fill in the appropriate spots below, and answer all questions completely.  Please do not bring completed hard copies of this form into the bakery as they will not be accepted.

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