Hotter Planet = Less Water = Cheaper Gluten Free???


Take a look at this NPR article I read/listened to.

Sorghum flour is one of the main flours used in gluten-free baking because of it’s natural gluten-free quality. The article mentions most sorghum is still grown for feed, but I can’t help but think this new surge of sorghum flour growing will eventually come full circle and mean lower costs for us consumers. As mentioned in the article, growers are turning to sorghum because of it’s ability to withstand droughts and it’s overall lower operating costs.

Most often gluten-free ingredients only cost more because of the lower demand, not the actual ingredients themselves. This seems to be answering both components at the same time; higher demand and lower costs.

People unfortunately still call gluten-free living a fad. What a great way to break a fad: don’t grow the product simply because of the current demand, but instead, grow the product because of it’s natural qualities and then create a long-term demand for it. Sounds a little bit like what we’ve done with the corn and wheat industry, right? Exciting.

Gluten-free people have to be tough. It’s only fitting that the grains we eat are tough too!

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