Providing Sacramento with Gluten-Free Desserts

In Sacramento, finding a gluten free bakery is no longer as difficult as it once was. Pushkin’s Bakery provides a baked-goods experience for anyone who eats wheat, gluten and dairy-free. We are dedicated to baking only with ingredients sourced from gluten-free manufacturers and don’t allow any other ingredients to come into the facility. We bake with the health and wellbeing of our customers as a priority.

Pushkin’s Bakery began as co-owner Olga Turner started making gluten-free desserts for her husband Danny due to his allergies. Soon, they started distributing these desserts to grocery stores in Sacramento and Northern California. They began realizing the popularity of their products and opened their location so they could provide products to their passionate customers from one location. This move also gave them more opportunities to expand their menu.

Our menu contains recipes and baked-good that are difficult to find in a wheat, gluten and dairy-free environment. The chocolate crinkle cookie is perfect to satisfy a monstrous chocolate craving in a half brownie, half cookie combination, smothered in powdered sugar. Taste our selection of cupcakes including the Chocolate Raspberry cupcake with creamy frosting and a tart addition of raspberries.

At Pushkin’s, we are especially proud of our selection of specialty cakes. For any special occasion, like weddings or birthdays, we provide ornate or simple cakes that satisfy the needs and tastes of our customers. Never has Sacramento seen such a wide selection of wheat, gluten or dairy-free cakes. Choose from flavors like chocolate, vanilla, orange and lemon and work with us to create the exact cake you desire. We even cater!

We hope to keep your dietary needs in mind even while providing some of the best tasting desserts and baked-goods. At Pushkin’s Bakery, we defy the norm in gluten-free baking by providing delicious products for the health-minded.

Pushkin’s Bakery
Pushkin’s Bakery provides Sacramento and Northern California with exclusively gluten-free baked-goods and desserts for the health conscious.
1820 29th Street