Quick Response to the new FDA Ruling


While everyone seems to be talking about the new gluten free labeling from the FDA (which is great), I thought I would just comment on one aspect of.

The new ruling now allows for products that are naturally gluten free to be advertised with the branding “gluten free.” In my opinion, there is already enough miss understanding with what gluten free actually means/is. This aspect of the new ruling only makes gluten-free even more confusing for a consumer. I (as a consumer) do not need to be told that a bottled water or an apple is gluten free. But you better believe companies are going to start bottling their waters with “gluten free.” My criticism with this comes from the fact that while we are a bakery that focuses on gluten and dairy free goods, we also focus just as much on offering products that are all-natural. I’m an advocate of reading labels, not simply scanning a package for a logo that verifies a gluten-free “certification.” Note though that the new FDA ruling does not touch on certifications, meaning that certifications are not relevant to a product being gluten-free. Soon I’ll write on certifications which can be just as misleading as improper gluten-free labeling.

If everyone is calling “gluten free” simply a fad, get ready for it to become even more of just a fad when the most random products start showing up as “gluten free.”

Bottom line, misuse of “gluten free” labeling will only hurt the true definition of what it means to offer a product that is gluten free. If it sounds stupid to label a bottle of water as “sugar free,” do you think people will think it’s just as stupid to label a bottle of water “gluten free?” Maybe as someone who reads gluten-free blogs you do, but for the average consumer who’s new to gluten-free living?

I know I can be a stickler with my blog post topics, but that’s my job as a gluten-free business owner.

Oh and, don’t forget, this new ruling does not apply to restaurants in anyway….