Sacramento’s Gluten-Free Haven

Gluten is everywhere – in the food you eat and the news you watch.  As a country, we’re becoming more and more aware of gluten intolerance and reacting positively, creating and marketing foods that help with the condition.  With more and more people being diagnosed with Celiac Disease or simply opting for a Gluten free diet, it seems we all know someone who is avoiding Gluten in their diet.

A recent study performed by The University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center revealed that more than 3 million Americans have a Celiac disorder. Obviously, these individuals need to stay away from Gluten for medical reasons, but if avoiding Gluten prevents bloating, tiredness and irregular bowel movements in those not diagnosed, isn’t it something you’d want to adopt?  But what’s the cost?  What will you be missing out on?  For the most part, delicious desserts that are commonly made with wheat products are removed from the table.  This is where Sacramento’s Pushkin’s Bakery comes in – we specialize in gluten free desserts in a 100% gluten free environment.

It may seem silly for a Dessert Bakery to talk about health benefits, but eliminating Gluten from your diet has so much potential.  It keeps you away from overtly unhealthy foods, and steers you towards healthier options in general.  With gluten awareness on the rise, companies have begun promoting falsely gluten-free products.  Sacramento can rest assured that at Pushkin’s Bakery, every product is gluten free every day.

It’s never been easier for gluten sensitive individuals to find specialized offerings of most foods.  An area we found lacking, however, was desserts!  And who wants to give up desserts?  That’s right, no one.  Pushkin’s Bakery isn’t asking you to – instead, we’re committed to providing the icing on your cake, the crumbling cookie you need, when you need it.  It will be delicious, healthy for everyone, and, of course, 100% gluten free.  Every day.


Pushkin’s Bakery
Tired of searching for Gluten Free alternatives for your favorite desserts? Your search ends at Sacramento’s Pushkin’s Bakery.
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