The Ease of Being Gluten-Free


I deal with hundreds of people every day in the bakery. And most of them are all here for one reason: we have gluten-free items. Most do no realize we’re a dedicated gluten/dairy-free bakery and when explained think the “dedicated” facility part meant a rabbi visited our bakery…But none the less, everyone is always beyond excited when they learn not just some, but everything we offer is gluten-free. We don’t even allow wheat/gluten/dairy and unnatural ingredients into our facility!

This gets me to my point: gluten-free living is extremely easy!

I’ll first clarify, I do understand gluten-free living can be more expensive then some are accustom to, and they are often set back by the increased costs, I won’t deny that. But in my own personal comparisons, if you’re eating all natural in the first place, going gluten-free adds no additional costs.

I mentioned people are always excited when the come into our bakery (it’s a great feeling on our end!) At the same though, the second most thing I hear is the complaint of how hard it is to be gluten-free. I usually just smile and nod.

But I want to ask everyone a question. Can you name another diet/lifestyle where there are entire food establishments dedicated to a specific diet? The only other idea I can come up with is the vegan establishments. We own a bakery that focuses exclusively on a diet people follow. Throw aside the uniqueness of that and instead embrace how lucky we as gluten-free people are! There are dedicated grocery stores that do the same thing as us (Click here to see one), there are countless gluten-free cookbooks, there are radio shows devoted to gluten-free, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find restaurants that do not have gluten-free options or have the ability to modify something into gluten-free, there are even food trucks across the country that only sell gluten-free! And to help prove how mainstream gluten-free has become, some of the biggest food manufacturers (General Mills) are now changing their products to gluten-free, and specifically advertising the fact that they’re gluten-free! Heck, the FDA even has ruling on what gluten-free means!

This may be my rant, sure. But it simply is an acknowledgement that there are a large number of business professionals out there working extremely hard to make gluten-free easy for you, and that the argument of a gluten-free diet being too hard to manage is growing weaker and weaker everyday.

Here’s to the ease of gluten-free living.