The Growth of Gluten Free


While at a distributor’s warehouse picking up supplies I parked next to this semi truck trailer.

Gluten-free truck

This is UNFI’s truck, they’re advertising a gluten free bar they sell. It may not be that big of a deal, but the fact that they’re running an ad on the side of a 40-foot semi trailer dedicated specifically to the gluten free market is really encouraging! I’ve touched on the idea that “gluten free” still being a “niche” market has its advantages for a lot of the gluten free companies out there (on a limited budget, a company can easily reach out to their specific target market in this still unique market). And so such large-scale gluten free advertising may be intimidating to some companies, but for us at least, its really exciting! For example, no matter how many grocery stores offer cakes, a good bakery who offers a better product will always succeed and be recognized as the superior choice. Make sense? No matter someone’s diet, if they want a good dessert, they don’t head to the grocery store, they head to their nearest bakery for a fresh-baked good. So fill the grocery store isles with packaged gluten free goods, continue to make gluten free a common phrase and common diet, that all sounds great to me. Bring on the gluten free semi trucks, by the truck loads… 🙂

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