The NEW Gluten-Free Generation

New Generation

Since opening the bakery it’s been interesting to experience a new generation of gluten-free people I really knew nothing about.

There are always a group of people who come up in gluten-free conversations; I call them the pioneers. They’re the ones who will always make sure everyone knows they were gluten-free before it was “cool.” Well, that’s just lovely :).

But to my surprise there is now a growing generation that are born gluten-free. Often it’s because the mother of the child is gluten-free which inevitably leads to the child being gluten-free. But again, to my surprise, there is even a larger percentage of this new gluten-free generation that have been put on a gluten-free diet by choice, rather than by “force.” It almost seems like a rolling wheel. Where each past generation’s awareness of gluten-free is directly affecting the next generation’s diet. And with that idea, a rolling wheel, I don’t see gluten-free going away anytime soon.

There is research that shows introducing gluten to children at different ages can be beneficial (for non-celiacs), but that’s another blog post.

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