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  • 21 Aug

    Being Gluten-Free to Lose Weight

    The general public’s idea of this growing number of people who are...
  • kimbra head shot 21 Aug

    Kimbra’s “Settle Down”

    This song/video/concept is perfect  
  • 21 Jul

    How To Start Your Own...

    Everyone always asks me (Danny), “how do I start my own business?”...
  • 13 Jun

    A Simple Thanks

    I don’t think most food-service business owners would admit this, mainly because...
  • 16886244856016556543 11 Jun

    Lucia – “Silence”

    This works, extremely well. Click to watch and listen.
  • shophouse small 05 Jun

    Chipotle’s Newest Restaurant Concept

    So, Chipotle is up to some amazing things. I’m not a food...
  • ira glass 12 Mar

    THE GAP by Ira Glass

    We often get very nice complements from customers about our creativity at...
  • radioheadimage 06 Mar

    Radiohead’s best song?

    This just may be their best song, ever. Theres something so subtle...
  • artworks-000048474820-m7k2z2-original 03 Mar

    Coldplay’s “Sparks”

    This song might just be perfect, and its withstanding the test of...
  • 17 Feb

    The Glint

    There is a light that never goes out. It dwells deep inside...
  • cupcake-1_3416570 31 Jan

    The Demise of Cupcakes

    We’ve all seen how cupcakes have become extremely popular over the last...
  • bon-iver 09 Jan

    Bon Iver’s “Love More”

    If you’ve been in our bakery you’ve most likely noticed how small...
  • dr-oz_vitaspelt1 05 Dec

    Dr. Oz and Gluten-Free

    I’m not going to bother getting into the content of the episode...
  • MK-AW990_GLUTEN_NS_20090701185622 22 Nov

    The Growth of Gluten Free

    While at a distributor’s warehouse picking up supplies I parked next to...
  • boniver1 14 Nov


    24:44 minutes of perfection. Click to watch.
  • 1all-natural-label 08 Nov

    Branding a Gluten-Free Business

    Have you ever noticed it’s not so easily recognizable that we’re a...
  • 1anis-mojgani2 08 Nov

    Shake The Dust

    A perfect reminder to always, shake the dust.
  • gluten-free-sorghum-flour-01-300x225 01 Nov

    Hotter Planet = Less Water...

    Take a look at this NPR article I read/listened to. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/10/31/231509864/heat-drought-draw-farmers-back-to-sorghum-the-camel-of-crops Sorghum...
  • 01 Nov

    Dark Undercoat

    “Oh but if I was a deep bathtub would you sink down...
  • gluten-freeblob 30 Oct

    The Ease of Being Gluten-Free

    I deal with hundreds of people every day in the bakery. And...
  • FDA 07 Aug

    Quick Response to the new...

    While everyone seems to be talking about the new gluten free labeling...
  • Spoonful_of_cereal 02 Jul

    Gluten-Free Passed The Cereal Isle

    I did some research today while at the grocery store. In this...
  • Gluten-free-vs-gluten-reduced-beer 19 Jun


    As I’ve written before, the idea of gluten-free as a “fad” scares...
  • New Generation 14 Jun

    The NEW Gluten-Free Generation

    Since opening the bakery it’s been interesting to experience a new generation...
  • Restaurant Pic 13 Jun

    Accommodating Restaurants

    We we’re in the bay area over the weekend and I just...
  • cottage license 12 Jun

    Cottage License (CFO)

    Have you heard of cottage food licensing, or better known as CFO...
  • allergies 11 Jun


    AP News has two interesting opinions on the increase in food and...
  • orphan logo 10 Jun

    Dining Out: Gluten-Free Breakfast

    Often a gluten-free breakfast at a restaurant consists of eggs, bacon, and...
  • gluten free 09 Jun

    Gluten-free explained simply

    Often, it’s easy to get bogged down with gluten-free terms and definitions....
  • cross contamination 07 Jun

    Cross Contamination

    Here is a picture of our kitchen at 6am, when we’re baking...
  • BAD-FAD 19 May

    The Gluten-Free “Fad”

    As a gluten-free business owner–and even more importantly as a gluten-free advocate,...
  • redrobinlogo 19 May

    Red Robin

    Last weekend Olga and I attended a birthday party at Red Robin,...
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