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2-1024x438 Here at Pushkin’s Bakery, a personal favorite among the owner is creating and making wedding and special event cakes. While we take pride in our established distribution line and retail selection of baked goods, our passion for baking comes to life when we are given the privilege of creating someone’s cake for their special day. Whether it’s an elaborate 2-tiered cake, a sheet cake, or an array of unique cupcakes, we look forward to creating your 100% natural, wheat/gluten, and dairy free baked good for your upcoming special event. Are you interested in a vegan option? Not a problem either. With our baked goods you’ll be rest assured that not just you, but your entire guest party will always have an all natural, allergen free dessert option to choose from at your event. Choosing a wedding cake is not an easy task—something so personal shouldn’t be! Listed below are some of our most popular cake options enjoyed by our clients. While this is just a sample of what we’ve created for past clients, know that your baked good is always created specifically with your interests in mind and because of our attention to allergy sensitivities; we can also cater toward other allergens, such as soy, nuts, and corn just to name a few. Just let us know! We love hearing your suggestions and ideas.

Listed below are some of the cakes we make. But, we also can make any of our daily cupcakes into full size cakes. Here are some examples of our daily cupcakes. 


  • 6 INCH ROUND CAKE (4-6 PEOPLE): $24.99
  • 8 INCH ROUND CAKE (10-12 PEOPLE): $34.99
  • 10 INCH ROUND CAKE (14-18 PEOPLE): $44.99
  • 12 INCH ROUND CAKE (18-22 PEOPLE): $54.99
  • 12 INCH SQUARE CAKE (30 PEOPLE): $59.99

On Chocolate Ganache cakes add $5.00 for chocolateeeeeeeness perfection :) 

Vegan Chocolate Cake  Our Vegan Chocolate Cake is made with 100% natural ingredients—ground coconut, melted dark chocolate, and fresh cocoa. The cake is dense and moist, but surprisingly light at the same time! With such a combination of textures, you’ll have guests coming back for more. A great quality in this cake is its options; everything from multiple fillings such a fresh berries, vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, to its unlimited array of frostings like dark chocolate and orange cream frostings make this one of our most requested wedding cakes.

Traditional Vanilla Cake  The Traditional Vanilla Cake captures the essence of vanilla—smooth and simple, yet rich, all while using only the best ingredients. This cake is complemented well with different fillings such as fruit fillings like strawberry cream, and/or creamy chocolate and creamy vanilla frostings just to name a few. The secret to theTraditional Vanilla Cake’s rich taste is found in the combination of three different flours. This grouping of flours creates a spongy and light cake all while staying true to that beloved vanilla flavor.

Orange Delight Cake  Our Orange Delight Cake is focused on one thing—the natural flavor of orange. Staying true to this, we’ve created a light and summery citrus cake that grabs the sweetness of orange. The Orange Delight Cake is frosted with a light vegan citrus frosting and then sprinkled with fresh orange peal shavings to insure that deep orange flavor throughout the entire cake. Adding options to the Orange Delight Cake would be cutting the cake (no pun intended) short of its already zesty and airy orange taste. The Orange Delight Cake is one of our favorite cake and cupcake pairings as well!

Zesty Lemon Cake   By comparison, one could say the Zesty Lemon Cake is as close as a baked good will ever get to resembling a warm summer night. How’s this possible? The Zesty Lemon Cake is created by hand squeezing fresh lemons, whipping the sugar, and zesting the lemons to create the decadent and lemon forward flavor this cake is known for. By combining a mixture of four different flours into the Zesty Lemon Cake, the end result is a spongy, creamy-crumbly cake that leaves a smooth after taste—which begs the questions; one more slice? Other popular cake options include our Vegan Carrot Cake and Strawberry Vanilla.


Tiered Flower Wedding Cake

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Please place all cake orders over the phone to secure your order. All cake orders are final and we do not offer refunds, only in-store vouchers on individual, situational matters. Cheers, and happy cake eating :)